Teachable Tuesday. 

Hello fellow teachers. After my Monday I feel like it should be Friday already, however it’s only Tuesday. 

Grades are due. Students on my caseload are internally combusting and here I am, putting on my big girl pants and telling my self I can do this; until I believe it myself. 

One of my tried and true classroom management strategies that I have used since day one and swear by is greeting students at the door. It seems simple but super effective in many areas. 

Relationships– we all crave them. My students and I develop relationships because I start out every morning, come rain or shine, standing at the front door and greeting them by name with a smile on my face. 

Classroom expectations– we all have them, and some of us need to be reminded daily. This is where I front load behavior expectations to those students who sometimes struggle. Johnny can’t seem to stay in his seat, let him know that’s what you’re expecting as soon as you see him. Susie always forgets to turn in homework? Remind her. 

Early warning system– standing at the front door greeting my students gives me insight in to their lives at that moment. Maria walks up in sweats and no makeup, I know something’s wrong since this is not her usual look and can ask how she is doing. 

Many times I don’t feel like I’m ready when that bell rings. I forgot to post my do now, change the date on the board or send an email to that parent. It doesn’t matter. I must be at that door when the bell rings. 

A bonus for the school in general is that you can be the eyes and ears of what is happening during passing periods. I have had to stop fights before they started, submit witness reports and enjoy sweet moments shared by friends all because I take the time to stand at my door. 

If you don’t do it, try it. It’s worth it’s weight in gold to help manage my special education classroom. 


About Rebecca

I am a Mother of three girls, a woman after God's heart, a special education teacher and a knit a holic. I have the best friends a woman can ask for, an addiction to worship music and a daughter with Epilepsy. I am beyond blessed in all situations I am in, will be in or have been in. God is good.
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5 Responses to Teachable Tuesday. 

  1. K. Renae P. says:

    Greeting students at the door is a great way to start a day.


  2. I think that is a great habit,it makes you more human to your students.I nominated you for a versatile blogger award,you can check out the details here.https://wordpress.com/post/clairesrandomnthoughts.wordpress.com/206


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