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Denying God. 

Are you denying God the chance to bless you?  Seems crazy to think that God could be waiting to bless us, but we block his blessings when we try and fix things on our own. We are our own worst … Continue reading

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Safety is a necessity for a good life. We all search for it in our relationships, our things, our jobs. Worldly things. Ironically, the world is full of danger. Safety is hard to find. We think we find it, then … Continue reading

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We forget. 

Why do we forget so easily the deep love God has for us?  We spend Sunday’s with him. Talk about how blessed we are like we are discussing what we ate for breakfast. Every once in awhile we see the … Continue reading

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My daughter. 

Do you ever feel like there is one special talent you have been blessed with? Some skill that comes so natural to you it’s like breathing? That is mothering for me. Maybe it’s because I’m a nurturer at heart or … Continue reading

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Life has its ebbs and flows for sure, for some of us we feel the gentle rocking like a rowboat that is tied at the edge of a peaceful lake. Mostly calm with a few gentle bumps here and there. … Continue reading

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