God changes us

If we let him. If we seek out that change in order to become better people. I want to be a better mother, teacher, friend, colleague, and neighbor. I have based my life and most of my choices on the premise that I am a work in progress until I have one foot in the grave.

It’s a beautiful change, brought through pain and tears.

My favorite verse of the bible is Galatians 5:22-23, it reads “but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.”

This is my favorite verse because I feel that it sums up what a Christian should act like. When others see us in action they should see; love or joy or gentleness or self control.

Unfortunately, they usually do not see that.
As we read the bible though it is important for us to read a sufficient amount in order to understand the meaning. What is the context? What was going on historically? Read for meaning and understanding, please or don’t read at all. Ask the questions, so you understand it. Don’t take bits and pieces and create your own version of theology, it hurts God and his plans for us.

In order to fully understand this verse we need to see what comes before the but……

Before the but it explains that those who live by the spirit are so lead to act the way the spirit leads them, therefore they will not act upon sinful desires.
This is the struggle. Do we abide by the law from the Old Testament? Are we free to ignore the law and live only as the spirit leads?
The passage then lists a plethora of sinful desires from witchcraft and sexual immorality to selfishness and fits of rage. Then it states that we will not inherit the kingdom of God if we live like this.
Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure even the most amazingly pious Christian can be selfish sometimes right? But the question remains, can we possibly live in the spirit at all times.
As humans I do not think so, but we must try. The harder we work at it the more disciplined we will become, and our walk will look more joyful, peaceful, gentle and kind.
And God knows if we try. He sees our repentant heart when we screw up and his lessons are not lost on us. There are some though that just don’t seem to get it.
I have many people I love who are far from living this kind of life, I pray that they will soon see their need to surrender and start their metamorphosis. Only God knows if they ever will.

You see we all have those people in our lives who have wounded us deeply. They live in the impurity, idolatry, hatred and jealousy that we are warned about. They treat us with contempt, and actually aim to harm us emotionally or even physically out of their low self worth and brokenness.
Our christian desire is to see them healed and whole, learning what their path to a better life looks like. Our fleshly desire is to see them hurt, to hope that they get a taste of the pain they put us through.
In all reality, when you find that they are hurting, broken, lost and heavily burden with the consequences of their actions it is heartbreaking to say the least. Especially when you know that even this may still never lead them to the act of salvation they so desperately need.
For my children I will pray. For their family I will pray. Until I am able to do it for them, if I ever will be able to.

If I’m living in the spirit I should be able to…
That is my prayer.


About Rebecca

I am a Mother of three girls, a woman after God's heart, a special education teacher and a knit a holic. I have the best friends a woman can ask for, an addiction to worship music and a daughter with Epilepsy. I am beyond blessed in all situations I am in, will be in or have been in. God is good.
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