When in crisis, I turn to music

I love music. I always thought that everyone loved music as much as me. Maybe different genres, for different reasons, but it just made sense that music speaks to everyone some how. I have actually met people who don’t care for music really. I mean you will hear them listen to the radio sometimes, or even put on a favorite artist, but they stay stuck. They don’t explore new sounds or genres and they don’t have the same focus that I do on music.

I have never had the privilege of really learning an instrument, but I wanted to. I remember begging my brothers to teach me how to play guitar. Being star struck when I would go watch them play, or listen to my sister sing back up. Watching my daughter play guitar for the church’s youth band. I was Jealous. Not because they were on stage and I was not. That would actually terrify me. I love the beauty of music as it relates to self expression. Using music to express your feelings and knowing that someone else can heal and explore their feelings through your music. That’s amazing to me.
When I think back to all of the struggles and tragedy that I went through In my life I realize I had an anthem for each stage, I think back through them and realize that I am proud to say they show growth.
Like the ticks on the wall that we use to signify the growth of our children. They mark the passage of a time in your life and they help remind us of who we used to be.

Under the bridge- by The red hot chili peppers
This song was my anthem for my reckless youth. I made some poor choices in my youth that I’m not proud of. This song speaks to me because of the many times I self medicated to drown out the pain and anger and loneliness I was experiencing. I’m so glad that Jesus healed me from the pain and helped me realize my immense self worth. Still a great song, but I do not relate anymore like I used to.

My most current anthem would have to be :
I will wait by Mumford and sons. Such an amazing song about faith and hope. Most would say it is not a Christian song. I hate labels anyway, but it is most definitely a song that speaks of gods redemption and reward for our suffering and patience. One great line of the song that I find myself singing often is “now I’ll be bold, as well as strong and use my head along side my heart. So tame my flesh and fix my eyes a tethered mind freed from the lies.”
I’m so glad that God has changed me so much. I have hope, even in the darkest of days which gets me through and, more importantly brings me joy. He has fixed my eyes and untethered my mind to see his truth. Praise God.

I actually do not have cable, rarely do I watch tv. I will watch a movie or two, but the bulk of my time is spent in books and music. Worship music in the morning. Angry punk rock when I’m running. Anthems that speak of strength and life choices on my way to work. Love songs on the way home. Music is my life. That is why when people are in crisis I send them videos. I play them songs. I listen to worship music and pray for them.

I could list all my anthem songs, but I would guess that I would be up all night.

So I’m curious, what is your anthem? Past or present. Or both.


About Rebecca

I am a Mother of three girls, a woman after God's heart, a special education teacher and a knit a holic. I have the best friends a woman can ask for, an addiction to worship music and a daughter with Epilepsy. I am beyond blessed in all situations I am in, will be in or have been in. God is good.
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