Gratitude is hard work

Do you waltz through life in awe of the blessings you experience every minute? Most of us would say no. Life is hard. Life is messy. Life is hard work. I seem to crawl through life, getting bruised and scratched and sometimes looking up to see how far I have come. Like a solider in combat in the overgrown jungle, fighting for every step I take.
I do have these moments though. These glorious moments of peace, and beauty and blessing that fills my heart and makes me want to scream, “Thank you, God, for I am blessed.”. I have learned this year that you need to pursue these moments, to force yourself sometimes to look around you and be blessed. There are blessings all around us. everyday.
As a single mother with special needs children, and a special education teacher life is a challenge. God never said it wouldn’t be though. This I do take comfort in.
Yesterday was a challenging day for sure. Before I walked on campus I had a crisis to deal with regarding my children, at lunch time I had a crisis with one of my students and after school an hour longer confrontation with a colleague. Talk about an awkward department meeting, but really a typical day for me. I was stressed and spent by the time 3:30 rolled around. I was not seeing the blessings, that’s for sure.

Sometimes we have to force ourselves to realize how blessed we are, but boy can it be an attitude changer.
The biggest problem with walking in gratitude is that we are too busy walking to be grateful for anything. walking. driving. talking. thinking. doing dishes or laundry or running errands or working or…..we need to stop. It is imperative to the soul to take time and enjoy life, seek joy and see the blessings around you.

I am so blessed; I have a relationship with Jesus that is life changing, I have three beautiful girls who are amazing and we have a great relationship, I have a wonderful mom and siblings to share my happiness and heartaches with, I have a best friend who would do anything for me, I have a job that I truly love…the list could go on and on. Take stock of your blessings today. Take time to seek out the blessing around you.

Last night, after my rough day, my daughter and I went to the school carnival. At first it was a task, I was volunteering. One more thing on my list of to do’s. When I got there I was overwhelmed at the life I saw all around me. Smiling kids running everywhere. Proud parents grinning from ear to ear. The smell of delicious food wafting through the air. I truly enjoyed each interaction with the kids that came to my booth as we talked about nature, educating them on animal scat, or the types of Oak’s in the area. I was filled with joy when we gave away the prize to the little girl with excitement in her eyes. I was amazed at the tender heart of my youngest who literally gave away all her tickets to little kids as she won them, with no reservation. On the walk home I appreciated the swallows that were flying around, their angular W shapes and the quickness with which they flew around as if on a mission from God himself. As we rounded the corner to our street I was overwhelmed with the sweet smell of Jasmine. Which reminded me of our sweet Dog who has since passed. Yet, I did not feel sadness, but joy that she blessed our lives the way she did and the realization that a dog’s unwavering loyalty is exactly how I need to approach gratitude in my life. I need to be more loyal in my pursuit of gratitude, because it is really insulting to God and other people to be unthankful.

That is my mission, when I start to fail, maybe you can help remind me?


Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”


About Rebecca

I am a Mother of three girls, a woman after God's heart, a special education teacher and a knit a holic. I have the best friends a woman can ask for, an addiction to worship music and a daughter with Epilepsy. I am beyond blessed in all situations I am in, will be in or have been in. God is good.
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